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Enthusiast for PHP 7+

Enthusiast, but using PDO instead of the deprecated MySQL extension. Requires at least PHP 5.4, and compatible with PHP 7.


13 November 2018


A responsive website template, previously used on Lysianthus

DesignsWebsite Templates

6 November 2017


A responsive website template

DesignsWebsite Templates

6 November 2017

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  1. A Dress on a Woman, a Bates Motel fan fiction [Normero, M]
  2. A Dress on a Woman, a short story
  3. The Alex Incident, a Bates Motel fan fiction [Normero, M] WIP
    1. Part 1
  4. Jackie, a responsive website template
  5. Collectory, a website template
  6. Doris, a file list website template
  7. Easy on the Eyes, a widget-ready WordPress blog theme (made for my personal use)


  1. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free web hosts
  2. Hotline to Hell, an imitation of Jigoku Shoujo’s Hotline to Hell

Same Habits

I sneaked a little peek at the news archive and realized that the months when I updated last year are also the same as this year, well, so far. But I’m changing my update system, where I simply push new additions online as soon as I finish them, and just collate all new additions and updates into one post (such as this one) at the end of the month or when I have enough additions. This way, my updates will be more often, theoretically, since there’s less pressure, and I can add things as soon as inspiration hits me. My system was more rigid before: every month I update with at least 6 or 7 additions. I can’t do that anymore since I don’t have as much free time. Hopefully, this works! I’m going to try my best, because I love website so much.

I am not going to make any promises, but I see that people use my old designs , and I have this itch to re-code a lot of them or at least make them responsive. But thank you very much for using my works, anyway! It really makes me so happy to see that they are useful to others somehow. If you need any help with any of my layouts, don’t hesitate to contact me! I would gladly lend a helping hand.

I’m also going to shamelessly plug my personal blog! Yep, I’m doing it again, even though I failed the last time.

These are all for now. Have a fabulous day, everyone!

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Of Wisdom

An abundance of randomly generated quotes for both the wise and foolish


14 March 2017

Yes or No

A simple Yes or No answer to your question


26 June 2016


A FizzBuzz programming exercise


19 May 2015