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Website Templates


A minimalist portfolio website template

29 November 2015

Website Templates

Soft and Softer

A responsive website template

27 November 2015

Color Palettes

Flavored Chicken

A color palette

24 November 2015

Latest News & Updates

11 March 2016


We Are Alive!

Hello, everyone! What's up? How have you all been? I am sorry for the lack of activity lately. I am aware that I haven't updated since December last year. However, while it seems like there haven't been any developments going on that are visible on this site, I have been remaking Affelius and creating Affelius Version 4 in the background! And I'm hopeful that it will be deployed before March ends. I also have been updating a lot of the works under the various categories of this repository (as I like to call it). With Affelius v4 comes a lot of changes—both visible (frontend) and invisible (backend).

If you haven't noticed, I also have been doing a lot of testing and experimenting on this website lately. So if you notice anything fishy, shoot me an email via the contact form or maybe on our Twitter account: @affelius. For quick updates, you can follow us there, too!

All of these are for the site's “better future”, so to speak!


Latest on the Playground


Yes or No

A simple Yes or No answer to your question

25 June 2016



A FizzBuzz programming exercise

18 May 2015


Leaves Around the Flower

A mathematical puzzle game based on Petals Around the Rose

22 February 2015

I’ve been living, and loving, and learning the hard way.