Affelius as a Project

Affelius is my (Lysianthus’s) creative website. This is where I archive, publish, and showcase my creative works, such as written articles, illustrations, attempts in color adjustment and image manipulation, personally-taken photographs, design concepts, website templates, simple to complex web applications, online experiments, and many other original creations. Simply put, Affelius is my creative repository.

The term ‘affelius’ is a mispronunciation of ‘ophelius,’ although the former is pronounced the way it is spelled – /af•fel•ee•uhs/. It is a result of the combination of some of my favorite letters, with the addition of the suffix –us.

Affelius is a personal project under the Asclaria umbrella. It runs on a handmade CMS and is open source on Github.

Affelius is made with and TLC in the Philippines.

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