Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ! This is where you can find most of the questions visitors often ask themselves while on Affelius. Reading the FAQ might also help you save time by answering your question before you even type your question on the contact form. Simply look for your question under its appropriate category, and click on the question to view the answer.

If your question cannot be found here, then please take the time to type your questions on the contact form. Hopefully then, you will receive a better answer.

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Can we be affiliates?

It depends on your website. Please read the rules for affiliation if you are planning to apply. Then we’ll see.

Can we exchange links?

If your website does not contain any offensive content, then yes! Please read the rules for links exchange if you are planning to apply.

Can our websites be siblings?

No, I do not accept any form of “site relationships” unless it is affiliation or links exchange.

Do you allow advertisements on Affelius?

Affelius is currently ad-free. I would like it to stay that way.


Can you write something for me?

I cannot write poetry, articles, essays, short stories, or novels for you. However, I can write tutorials and fan fiction for you. I can only write fan fiction for selected pairings that I myself also am a fan of. I can write you a tutorial about any web development feature you see on Affelius or any of my websites. For example, you can ask me to write a tutorial about how to create a contact form for a website.

Can you make graphics for me?


Can you design a website template/LiveJournal layout/Tumblr theme/WordPress theme for me?

If you believe that I am qualified for the project, then yes. I am open to small web design projects. I accept requests for website templates, LiveJournal layouts (any theme), Tumblr themes, and WordPress themes. Upon requesting, please pe specific with your design request: include keywords, a color palette, or even a design draft. I do not require PSD files. Even a piece of paper you scanned or a drawing on Microsoft Paint will do.

Can you write a PHP script for me?

I can write small PHP scripts such as contact forms, simple randomizer scripts, and the like. I will not write large-scale scripts like content management systems for you. However, I can also give you a hand in code tweaking if you are having problems with intermediate PHP.

Sitely Matters

Do you use a content management system on Affelius?

I don’t use a third-party CMS for Affelius. Instead, I created my own CMS that calls and presents all the content of this website just the way I want it to be presented. I wrote PHP scripts that are very specific to the structure of Affelius. This prevents code bloating, and it saves me storage space as well.

I used one of your works on Affelius. Do I have to credit you?

Yes, you must. Please read the Terms of Use for complete information about this.

Can I use this for commercial purposes?

‘This’ can be anything found in Affelius. The answer would be no. I do not allow commercial use of anything that I post here, otherwise stated in the Terms of Use or article itself.

Do you accept contributions?

No. Affelius is a single-person company. However, it will be a big disappointment if you will not publish your work! I suggest you start creating your own website. I can give you names of free yet reliable web hosts that offer quality hosting. This is an opportunity for you, and don’t miss it!

I have seen my work on Affelius, but you did not credit me. What does this mean?

It is my responsibility to credit the artist when I use his or her work. So if you see your work being used here on Affelius without me crediting you, I sincerely apologize. Please contact me as soon as possible so that I can appropriately credit you.

Technical Issues

When I visit page x, the header and footer are there, but I can’t seem to see the content itself. What’s the problem?

It means that the page does not exist. That page is being loaded using query strings. That’s why when the query result is null or empty, everything shows except the content, which does not exist. I am still working on this, so that the visitor will automatically be shown a 404 error upon encountering this issue.

Something is wrong with the layout when I view it from this browser, but it’s alright with the other ones. What’s wrong?

The browser you are using is not compatible with the design of Affelius. Affelius uses HTML5 and CSS3 features, so please make sure to keep your browsers updated.