Not A Wonder Woman

Hi! I go by Lysianthus. I was born and still live in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. I am an engineering student in the morning, a fake psychologist in the afternoon, and a hobbyist web developer in the evening. I am a closet fangirl and an unapologetic shipper.

And to continue this about me page, here are five “interesting” facts about me:

  • I’m near-sighted.
  • I’m into personality typology! In the MBTI, I have the functions Ni-Se and Ti-Fe, I just don’t know in what order. In the Enneagram, I’m a 9w1 with the tritype 954 and instinctual variants self-preservation-social (sp/so). I’m somewhere between phlegmatic and melancholic. My D&D alignment is True Neutral.
  • I am probably shorter than you!
  • My favorite fruit is the rambutan.
  • My wildest yet impossible dream is to become a person with multiple identities!

Parting Words

If you want to talk, you can easily do that by hopping on the contact form. If you want more of me, see the links below!

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I also own and run Asclaria, Lysianthus, as well as all the websites housed under them.