Hidden Pages

Last updated on September 19, 2023

What are hidden pages?

Hidden pages are pages on Affelius that are deliberately concealed from the visitors. They do not have referral links, therefore, they can only be accessed by typing words after

The Hidden Pages Contest

The Hidden Pages contest was created to unbore the bored people who has both internet connection and idle time. The contest is simply all about finding the hidden pages on Affelius. Winners are listed on the Hall of Fame below.

How-to’s and Tips

Hidden pages can be found using only one way: to add random words after, the domain of this website. For example, typing on your browser’s address bar might just bring you to a hidden page. It’s all about luck, chance, and fate. To increase your good luck, here are some tips to help you discover some hidden pages:

  • Only add English words after the domain unless stated otherwise by the clue.
  • Only add words. Do not add phrases or sentences. Do not add symbols.
  • Do not add a name of a directory or folder.
  • Do not append your word with a trailing slash.
  • Do not add an extension. E.g., .html, .php

When you stumble upon a hidden page, the hidden page will tell you all the steps that you need to take afterwards.

Hidden Pages Statistics and ☆ Clues ☆

There are currently 10 hidden pages on Affelius.

General Clue: Everything can be found on Affelius.


01 How are the ___ bells?
02 Your ___ I will dispel.
03 ___ at 17
04 ___ Bicycles
05 A regal ___-licious...
06 ...generates random ___ set by you on your website.
07 You passed the ___ test! *thumbs up*
08 My first project under labs was No ___.
09 ___ to read
10 ___, into the bag!

Hall of Fame

Round III (Current Round)

  • Susanna found eight (8) hidden pages! 01 02 03 04 06 07 08 10
  • Calítoe found one (1) hidden page! 08
  • Jessica found six (6) hidden pages! 01 03 04 05 07 08
  • Trissia found two (2) hidden pages! 04 10
  • Lisa found three (3) hidden pages! 02 06 07
  • Ree found eight (8) hidden pages! 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 10

Round II

(List of Clues)

  • Alaina found one (1) hidden page! desist
  • Rizu found five (5) hidden pages! full pus desist denounce shebang
  • Ilma found two (2) hidden pages! denounce shebang
  • Evan found two (2) hidden pages! pus baby
  • Trissia found three (3) hidden pages! desist denounce baby
  • Bethune and Riva found one (1) hidden page! pus
  • Holland found five (5) hidden pages! full pus desist denounce shebang
  • Lisa found four (4) hidden pages! pus desist denounce shebang
  • Ree found four (4) hidden pages! pus desist denounce shebang

Round I

(List of Clues)

  • RedEclaire found three (3) hidden pages! cold crazy fragile
  • Ree found one (1) hidden page! cold
  • Lisa found four (4) hidden pages! cold crazy easy fragile
  • Ilma found one (1) hidden page! easy