News and Updates

Affelius is now two years old!

Come Bringing Gifts


  1. Installing Disqus as a Commenting System, a guide
  2. Creating a Simple Responsive Menu, a CSS and jQuery tutorial
  3. Nineteen Eighty-One, a responsive website template
  4. Fancy with Triangles, a responsive and flexible website template
  5. Bland Signatures, a one-page website template, previously designed for Asclaria
  6. Elegant Gloom, a color palette
  7. Dozing Bunny, a color palette
  8. Dangerous Balloons, a color palette
  9. Baby Girl, a color palette
  10. FC3, a color palette
  11. Muddy Lake, a color palette
  12. Responsive Menu, source code for Creating a Simple Responsive Menu tutorial
  13. FizzBuzz, a simple FizzBuzz programming exercise


  1. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free web hosts
  2. Creating Contact Forms That Work, a PHP tutorial
  3. Metantei, a meta tag generator

Site Changes

The subcategory Old Layouts has been renamed to Scrapped Designs. Some designs have been re-archived there as well.
There is a new subcategory under Resources! Welcome Color Palettes!
I also modified the responsive-ness of the site. Hopefully, it looks better on smaller screens now.
Affelius also has an automatically generated statistics page! Seeing these numbers will definitely encourage me to fill up various categories.
Lastly, I also modified the presentation of the writing subcategory feeds: posts are now trimmed when on a feed. This way, you (and I) don’t have to scroll through uber-long walls of text to see all the posts.

We're back!

We (me and... my site?) are finally back after a month of no update! Some real life drama and university have been keeping me busy. Revisiting old wounds can be a pain, but let’s just say I wasn’t in the right mental and emotional capacity to do anything last month. I am doing way better now, though! And for some reason, amidst all my exams this month, I was able to find time to work on some additions and updates!

I also renewed this site’s domain this month. It reminds me how fast time is. Affelius is now two years old! Hooray! Two years and still going strong! Everything still feels new in a certain way. I hope we make it to ten years! Or is that too much to ask?

Speaking of ages, I also turned 18 years old myself on the 17th of April! There’s just something about the legal age that can give you the feeling of power! It’s most likely because of the privileges that come along with it. It feels really good!

New Partnerships

Affelius has a new affiliate! Resplendent Reverie by Alex, originally a link exchange, is finally an affiliate! We also have new links exchange! Say hello to Himechan by Christien, Light by Kuu, Otaku Junk by Miria, and Sempiternal Disaster by Amarie.

Lastly, Affelius is now on Twitter! Follow us and hit with us a tweet on @affelius!