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By the Gods

You were the Queen


  1. Purity, a poem
  2. Elephants in the Room, a Justice League fan fiction (Superman/Wonder Woman, K)
    1. Chapter 1: Works of Fire
  3. Water and Wine, a Justice League (AU) fan fiction (Superman/Wonder Woman, T) SCRAPPED
  4. Kulay, a bright website template featuring Hatsune Miku
  5. Palm Island, a tree-loving website template
  6. Leaves Around the Flower, a mathematical puzzle game based on Petals Around the Rose


  1. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free web hosts
  2. Text Randy, a text randomizer script (download link fixed)
  3. Of Wisdom, an abundance of randomly generated quotes for both the wise and foolish
  4. Musica, Lysianthus’s online radio (+10 songs)
  5. Hidden Pages – Find hidden pages on Affelius!

A new subcategory under Writings has been added: Articles. Some writings have been moved there as well. FAQ and Services have also been updated as well as other sitely pages.

I keep losing track of time!

Firstly, I apologize since it has been a long time since I updated! Most of the additions from this batch were actually from last month’s supposed update! College has been keeping me busy, as usual. In the past weeks, I also have been concentrating on managing another website, and at the same time, improving my writing skills by writing fan fiction. I have a week-long vacation for the Holy Week, which serves as my spring break. I even managed to fly back to my hometown. I’m using the downtime to work on the site. So here I am!

And honestly, I barely noticed that today was the last day of March! I originally planned to post this later within the week, but it would be April by then!

Secondly, Affelius has a new affiliate! Welcome Vizune by Sasha! We also have new links exchange! Say hi to Paradoxicality by Jennette!

Lastly, I just want to say that it really makes me happy that people are actually using the designs I create. Thank you!!! Using my themes/templates as they are or even simply using them as inspiration really is flattering to me. Although I don’t really care if people use my work or not, it really makes me happy that people do use my work. Thanks for all the love, guys.