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Calling Mercy to the Sea


  1. Good Times, a Bates Motel fan fiction [Normero, M]
  2. Addictions, a responsive website template
  3. Strike, Strike, Strike, a responsive website template
  4. Distill, a responsive website template for your profile
  5. Cooler, a color palette
  6. Salamander, a color palette
  7. Grove, a color palette


  1. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free web hosts
  2. Of Wisdom, an abundace of randomly generated quotes for both the wise and the foolish

Firstly, you might have noticed that I changed Affelius’s color scheme since the last update. I found the previous one to be bright on some screens, so I changed the palette into something cooler and easier on the eyes. I hope you like it! As a consequence, I also unnamed this version. Its former name “Fame-Hungry Eleanor” was very dependent on the color palette’s orange. Now that the orange is gone, I have to think of a new one.

Affelius also has a new affiliate! Check out Ilma’s Hello Little Red!

On Designs + Commissions

Some designs are also no longer available for free download; you can buy them for a small price! However, this does not mean that I will no longer be creating free website templates. I will still do, but from now on, I will charge for the more complicated designs, especially if they were made for a specific platform (like WordPress). Of course, I will always ensure that the website templates you pay for are in top quality. Then again, majority of the website templates will still be free.

Also, keep an eye out on the services page. I might open them again after I finally decide on a system!

Free Hosting

I also am now providing free hosting! If you are in need of some web space to do whatever you want (as long as it isn’t illegal), you can now apply for a plan at Leprd. Free subdomain and domain hosting are available! The only catch is that I am quite hands-off about it; so you better know what you’re doing. If you’re looking for something else, our list of free web hosts is still up and available, too!

That’s it!

For now. I know I’ve said this before, too, but I want to keep the momentum going and not hibernate again. I hope you are all doing wonderfully!