News and Updates

Dominate Humbly

Additions and Updates


  1. Coming Soon, a website template, part of the Coming Soon series
  2. Coming Soon, a flat website template, part of the Coming Soon series
  3. Coming Soon, a cute website template, part of the Coming Soon series
  4. Electropop, a color palette
  5. Wedding Invitations, a color palette
  6. Salmonella, a color palette
  7. Wooden Coffee, a color palette
  8. Boaters, a color palette
  9. Merkle, a Merkle–Damgård series hash generator
  10. Whirlpool, a whirlpool hash generator


  1. Plum, a responsive contact form template
  2. Prompter, a single-word prompt generator
  3. Rate Your Fiction, a fiction rating generator
  4. Text RandyText Randomizer, a random text generator script for your website
  5. Of Wisdom, an abundance of randomly generated quotes for both the wise and foolish
  6. Musica, Lysianthus’s online radio

Site Changes

I rewrote Affelius' Herstory (history), now with static and live previews (!!!) of – not only Affelius', but Evanessencia’s – previous layouts! Quite a throwback!

Also, this month will be the last month of the second round of Hidden Pages. So find those hidden pages while you can!

People are disappearing!

I am very sorry for not updating last month. I got busy with my other websites: Asclaria, its subsites, and Clydoll. I also have been taking the midyear, and it’s really fast-paced. So it was a bit difficult to find time for making additions and updates. However, I just finished it, and I have a couple of days worth of break before school starts again. I’m taking this opportunity to update while I can!

Affelius also has a new link exchange! Welcome Kristin of Pixphoriad. Hi, Kristin! Related to this, I also cleaned up my links exchange. It’s so sad to see my other links exchange go without any notice. It’s so sad to see websites I frequent close down, too! I promise myself to continue loving and updating this site. I will make sure not to make this hobby a chore. I don’t want to hate it.

Speaking of my online friends, a lot of them have updated the looks of their websites recently. I’m so tempted to do the same as well! Haha. I have a couple of ideas that I would love to apply on Affelius, and I think the back-end code needs a little updating and re-sorting out as well. I’m still jotting down my ideas. I do not have a specific date on when it will happen, but it will!

On an unrelated note, I also made a web directory/listing, Smooth Sailing Listings. List your website if you like!