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  1. Finding My Rhythm, an essay
  2. How to Host a Subdomain on a Separate Web Host, a tutorial
  3. Polygonal Circles, Affelius v3 design (9 January 2015 - date)
  4. Archived v1, a splash page for archived websites under Asclaria
  5. Archived v2, a splash page for archived websites under Asclaria
  6. Blue Folder, an index website template, designed for VVVVVV
  7. Nyaro, a file hosting website
  8. Manila, a file hosting website
  9. Yes or No, a simple Yes or No answer to your question

Version 4: Fame-Hungry Eleanor

Say “Holla!” to Affelius Version 4! I finally finished working on it! The project has been on hold for many months; I switched from working on it and not working on it (and working on other projects instead) many times. And now, it’s finally out! Affelius Version 4 is entitled “Fame-Hungry Eleanor”, and it’s open source on Github. If you want to see what Affelius code looks like on the back end, here is your chance.

As part of the update, I changed the URLs of some pages. I am also truncating and scrapping a lot of old content. I am slowly recoding a lot of my old designs, but it takes a while, because I have too many of them. Both my design style and coding style have changed a bit and so much, respectively; it’s hard to integrate everything to my old works. I am slowly rewriting all my tutorials as well. When viewing certain subcategories, there is a persistent dismissable alert that reminds you of the Terms of Use. This is to remind users what they can and can’t do with our downloadable content. I thought that this was important to implement to discourage stealing.

New Partnerships

A few months ago, I also worked with Dicesuki, a game development group! They create visual novels, particulary otome games. If you are a fan of otoge, do check them out! One of the game developers, my friend Trissia, also made some banners and buttons for Affelius! Many thankies!

I also would like to welcome back a former affiliate, Otaku-Box! Like Affelius, it also took a break, and now it’s back.

Hacking Scare

If you missed it, I put up a hacking scare on April Fools’ day! (“Fuzzy Wuzzy Neon Lemonade” is supposed to be my hacker signature. ) If you have any April Fools’ stories, feel free to share!

These are the good times.

I know: I have taken quite a lengthy break from creating stuff for Affelius! I can’t believe it! No matter what, though, I still cannot bring myself to stop working on this project. This is my pet project and doing stuff on this website brings me so much joy and fulfillment in what can be a very stressful life. So much has happened while I was away. There were some important, life-changing events that occurred that really forced me to take a moment to breathe and separate myself from the chaos that has been going on in my life recently. I’m still recovering from all of it. Anyway, it feels great to be back. I hope I keep the momentum going! How are you all?