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Halloween First Before Christmas

Halloween Special


And if anyone is holding an online Trick-or-Treat event, I would love to join!

Bag of Candies


  1. Beauty, a poem
  2. How to Add a Favicon to Your Website, an HTML tutorial
  3. Display Form Input, a PHP tutorial
  4. Untitled, a render from Superman/Wonder Woman
  5. Untitled, a render from Superman/Wonder Woman
  6. Burn My Derrière, a design concept for an online proxy
  7. Legalized, a regal serif-licious LiveJournal layout
  8. Vacant Blue, a simple website template
  9. Clipart, a simple page template


  1. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free web hosting providers
  2. Musica, Lysianthus’s online radio + 3 new favorite songs
  3. Of Wisdom, an abundance of randomly generated quotes for both the wise and foolish

For fun, check out Hidden Pages! (Yes, pimping again!)

It’ll be Christmas soon!

Hello, everyone! Happy Halloween! This is the last day of October, and I am very lucky to have managed to finish all my additions (by cutting the other additions, of course, haha) and posted this on time! I’m lucky I didn’t turn out to be a liar. Just as I promised, this is my second update for this month. College kept me occupied (so many exams!) throughout the month, but I managed to sneak in some free time and make new stuff for the site. Enjoy the additions!

And hey, hey, hey, I think I hear the jingle bells from here! The Yuletide Season is up and coming! I think I will be adding some of my favorite Christmas songs in my November or December update! In the meantime, enjoy your halloween night (if you do celebrate it) and maybe even visit your loved ones, too.

Til then!