News and Updates

How are the calling bells?

First Avenue

  1. Caught with a Gum, a poem
  2. Vows, a Code Geass fan fiction (Guilford/Cornelia, T)
    1. Chapter 1: Vows
    2. Chapter 0.9: Untruths
  3. How to Close a Browser Tab Using Javascript, a simple Javascript tutorial
  4. Creating Contact Forms That Work v2, a tutorial on how to create your own contact forms using PHP (my second try on this tutorial)
  5. Insolta, a clean and minimalistic LiveJournal layout
  6. Burokku, a basic customizable block-based gray website template
  7. World of Literature, a design concept for a writing community inspired by The Lit Pub
  8. Pastillas, a creamy pastel one-page website template
  9. Contact Form, source code for Creating Contact Forms That Work v2
  10. Rate Your Fiction, a fiction rating generator
  11. Musica, Lysianthus’s online radio on its second version

I strongly suggest that you check out my new tutorials! Also, do check out Musica! I have replaced the channels entirely with my new favorite albums and songs. I currently have 6 artists + various artists, and 124 songs! As of 30 May 2014, however, the songs may still not be available as they are still being populated. I will whip up an ETA on this post when they will be! Thanks for your patience.

Since I have nothing else to do in the summer, I am also accepting requests for website templates. If you want me to design your website, just tell me, and we’ll discuss it through e-mail.

Second Avenue

Along the way, we were also able to ride with new people!

Affelius has two new affiliates!! Ellipsis by Satine, and Otaku-Box by Jessica. I have them thoroughly described here.

We have five new links exchange as well!

  1. Totally Obsessed by Kimiko
  2. Sugar Graphics by My
  3. Beguiler by Dye
  4. The Forgotten Lair by Phoenix
  5. Hello Little Red by Ilma

Third Avenue

Before I end this update, I also have something for you!

Let me buy you a domain!
Special runs until July 14

I can buy you a .net or .org domain for one (1) year. For further information, visit the official page for this special. If you have never owned a domain yet, I strongly suggest that you join!

See you all in the next update!

ETA on 10 June 2014: Musica will be revamped for the next update.