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I Hear You Flushing Your Toilet

Welcome back, Affelius!
— Relaunched on the 23rd of April —
Yes, you heard it right.
We're not dead. Take your flowers back!

We're resurrected.

  1. Untitled, a Persona 3 render from Shigenori Artworks artbook
  2. Hey, roommate!, a Pixiv Girls Collection 2011 wallpaper
  3. Field Day Photoshoot, a Pixiv Girls Collection 2011 wallpaper
  4. Affelius, Affelius’s v2.0.4.99 Christmas season renovation cover
  5. Don’t Freak Out!, an [insert number here] error page template
  6. @font-face,a template for @font-face custom font declarations
  7. Of Wisdom, an abundance of randomly generated quotes for both the wise and foolish
  8. Link Mash, a mash of links to graphic websites and forums

Musica will also be temporarily unavailable as I am updating the channels.

Happy Easter!

First of all, happy Easter, everyone!

Second of all, thank you so much for those who waited for and looked forward to our comeback. As expected, of course, with a new version comes a new design. I call it Geometric Bicycles, because of the lines I see in the background image and the ever-present rolling navigation. This layout also has a unique feature: there is a randomly generated quote from a song for every page with this design. You can browse the site to see it happen. The logo also has changed. (If you are still seeing the old logo in the new design, I suggest you clear the cached images on your browser [?].)

Thirdly, I want to make a small but important announcement to those who knew me back when I still ran Evanessencia: I am completely disowning that site right now. The domain has expired recently this year, and I no longer own it. The content that is currently there has nothing to do whatsoever with me. Thank you.

Fourthly, who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? Nobody!