News and Updates

I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space.

It’s been a stressful month since I last updated! There were great events, too, and I mean great, but there were also the most stressful of days when I felt like getting sick or falling into a comatose state... and not waking up at all. Yes, that stressful.

On the lighter end of the seesaw, beautiful things also happened while I was away and actually living my real personal life. Also, I was able to work on a WordPress theme request, and I was able to finish it on the deadline and it turned it great in the end. Through this experience, I was also able to revisit WP theming, and hopefully, I will be able to make more WordPress themes to feature on this website. Additionally, since I’ve become quite active in Tumblr, I will also make more Tumblr themes in the future (and you can see below that I made some for this update).

Lipstick taserrrrrrr!!!

So! Here are the additions and updates for this month.


  1. Round Borders: Making Circles, a tutorial about making perfectly round borders using CSS
  2. Random Questions Part 1, a compilation of random, reflective questions you might want to answer
  3. The Conference of People, a design concept for a people’s conference website
  4. Mimi, a simple template for an information webpage or website
  5. Cuppa Cake, a clean purple frontpage template for a showcase website
  6. Rainbow Days, an upbeat yet clean horizontal theme for Tumblr
  7. Chrysalis, a compact yet clean and minimalistic horizontal theme for Tumblr
  8. Quote of the Week, a weekly abundance of quotes for both the wise and foolish | updated weekly!


  1. Take a Smile! (It’s free!), Claim a smile to brighten your day~

And, uh, I would like to recommend a certain song entitled Happy by Pharrell Williams. You should listen to it! It can help brighten your mood! As for me, it makes me wanna dance.

If you observed, I added a new section: Affelius › Designs › Design Concepts. This subcategory basically features design concepts, which are my design ideas for original websites. Consequentially, I moved previous design concepts that have been mistyped under website templates. Design concepts are not downloadable; they are my ‘design concepts’ and their being featured on this website is merely a way of previewing them live, since I also consider Affelius as my personal portfolio. I also consider my featured design concepts as ‘samples’ of my web designing style, in case anybody wants to request a layout or anything of the like.

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.

I also would like to congratulate RedEclaire for finding three hidden pages on Affelius! Great job and congratulations! You are the first person on the Wall of Fame!

Those are all for this update. And I noticed that I usually post updates on the 20-something or 30-something day of the month. I’ll try to be early next time... if I am not busy. And yes, you guessed correctly: I procrastinated most of the stuff here, forcing all of the creative juices to come out from my brain. It couldn’t be helped. And I am quite sure that my personal and school life will both be busy in the month of August. I’ll be taking college entrance exams and also quarter exams! Just send me your lucky charms, guys!