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  1. Affection, a Justice League fan fiction (Superman/Wonder Woman, M)
  2. Plain Fabric, Affelius v1 look
  3. Geometric Bicycles, Affelius v2 look
  4. Percent Off Calculator, a % off calculator

I’m obviously a fan of Superman/Wonder Woman, pre-Flashpoint and New 52. If you are, come join me!

What calls for a celebration?

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014, for me, was a fantastic year. So many good things happened to me: the long-term kind of blessings. Although bad things also happened, I think it’s better to remember the good experiences. I hope last year was good to you, as well! If not, hopefully 2015 will be a better year for all of us!

There aren’t really many additions for this update, because, obviously, the main highlight of this update is our new look! I am so in love with this color , so I kept it from the previous design. I still can’t think of the appropriate name for this look, though. Some parts of this design (read: the navigation) were actually recycled from previous attempts on redesigning Affelius for v2. Remember that time when I had this page for months? I actually created seven versions of Affelius before the v2 release! Luckily, I didn’t have to go through seven redesign attempts before deciding on v3 this time.

Also, this shouldn’t be here, but I have new websites! Asclaria is my umbrella network (a.k.a collective). I’ve always wanted to make cliques and shrines, and now I have a home for them! You absolutely have no idea how elated I am! Clydoll is my personal domain, but it’s on standby for now. I have lots and lots of plans for these two! I can’t wait to work on them! I hope I have enough free time, though. Still, Affelius should remain a priority, though.