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Of Pastel Candies and Moist Cakes

Hello, everyone! We're back! Wondering about the move? Everything you need to know is in our former website, Evanessencia.

To the Buxom Hokage and Her Toad Sage

I got plenty of additions for this update, which is just fitting I think, since this is the first launch. I hope you enjoy this bunch of goodies I prepared for y'all!

  1. Rosemary, an original poem
  2. The Snow and the Candle, an original short story
  3. Through Blurry Glasses, a Code Geass fan fiction (Cornelia/Guilford, K)
  4. Affelius Lies, a list of lies found on Affelius
  5. Untitled, a Fate/Zero render
  6. Berserker, a Fate/Zero wallpaper featuring Berserker
  7. Victory, a Fate/Zero wallpaper
  8. Scrapped
  9. The Clandestine Organization, a design concept
  10. Fan Fiction Grabber, a design concept and website template
  11. Temporary ID Generator, a design concept for Temporary ID Generator
  12., a code snippet © Michael Martak
  13. The Analects of Confucius translated by James Legge, a PDF document
  14. Temporary ID Generator, an ID generator for Affelius’s temporary pages
  15. Hidden Pages, a contest – Look for hidden pages on Affelius!
  16. Hi!, a CSS experiment: saying “Hi!” without the fonts, only boxes
  17. Diagonally Checkered, a CSS experiment: a checkered board made using borders
  18. Scrapbox, a collection of previous works
  19. Notepad, an online notepad for your writing and coding needs
  20. Evanessencia Move 1, an online presentation about the Evanessencia move [v1]
  21. Evanessencia Move 2, an online presentation about the Evanessencia move [v2]

New Sections:

If you observed, we have a new section: Labs › CSS Experiments. It’s basically just what the name says: experiments on CSS. I also added a new section for my old and scrapped designs: Designs › Old Layouts. Layouts from Evanessencia, as well as my old layouts, can be found there.

Also, all sitely pages have been updated, and some new ones were added.

We are loved. ; 3 ;

In a more normal universe, nobody should have paid attention to a hiatusing website. However, as my luck would have it, we have a new link exchange! I am lucky—it’s a fellow Filipina, nonetheless. Say hello to Trissia, an amazing doodle artist, and her website, Sitraxis! Like I said, she draws doodles and even animated ones. She does commissions, if you are interested.

Get a Flavored Candy!

These are all for now, for my first update on Affelius. I don’t know if these are enough, but as for me, I’m going to concentrate more on improving my web design skills in the near future. I love my ideas; they are great. But there is just something in the output that just doesn’t quite sum up... leaving me unsatisfied in the end. My outputs do not match my initial ideas. I think it’s a common problem for everyone, but personally, I think I just need some more inspiration and actual practice to improve on this. Hopefully, it is the solution to my problem. If I have enough dedication and time in my hands, it will be solved.

Tl;dr, you say? Thanks for reading! Have a smashing, great day~

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