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Racing with the Sun

Additions and Updates


  1. Tittle-Tattle, a Justice League fan fiction (Superman/Wonder Woman, M)
  2. Color Me Crazy, a predesigned modal window
  3. Take the Ruler, a responsive website template
  4. Colorful Bottle, a unique responsive website template
  5. Soft and Softer, a responsive website template
  6. Alaska, a minimalist portfolio website template
  7. Doper, a color palette
  8. Princess Tom, a color palette
  9. Flavored Chicken, a color palette


  1. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free web hosts
  2. Bland Signatures, a responsive one-page website template, previously designed for Asclaria
  3. Cheese, a responsive website template for a web hosting website
  4. Percent Off, a % off calculator (PHP → JS)
  5. Five Digits, a random five-digit number generator (PHP → JS)
  6. Hotline to Hell, an imitation of Jigoku Shoujo’s Hotline to Hell

Hidden Pages: Round 2 is now officially closed! Hidden Pages: Round 3 is here!

Bye, November!

It’s almost the end of the year again! This means that I’ll be renovating Affelius for next year! I have learned so many new things this year. I’ve learned to use web development tools such as Gulp. I also have been learning new programming languages to extend my horizons. I’m so excited about the many things I can do with them! Just like every year, my major plans for Affelius v4 would be new backend code, and, of course, new design. Watch out for it!

Also, for all of my domains, I now have a backup, go-to website for status when all, or at least one, of my domains go down: Spire (or the status subdomain for the respective domain). For Affelius, I would also recommend our Twitter account or even our Facebook page. So far, there has not been a time when Affelius went down, as far as I know. (My host has been very good so far! ) Just in case it does in the near future, you’d know where to go.

Last but not the least, I would like to ask you if you design and/or code websites. Are you a designer first or a coder first? I have always wondered about how other people begin to design and code their websites. I know that in the web industry, designers only design and don’t code. Coding is left to the developers. However, that only applies in teams. Since we do it independently, I wonder how it goes for you?