News and Updates

Same Day, Two Months Later

Additions and Updates


  1. Creating Triangles Using CSS Borders, a CSS tutorial
  2. Using Custom List Images With CSS, a CSS tutorial
  3. Adventurer, a responsive personal homepage template
  4. Cheese, a responsive website template for a web hosting website
  5. Coffee Maker, a responsive website template with 3 views: showcase, article, form
  6. Colored Paper, a responsive, menu-ready, widget-ready WordPress theme for blogs (primarily designed for Clydoll)
  7. Royal Olives, a color palette
  8. Cool, a color palette
  9. Five Digits, a random five-digit number generator


  1. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free web hosts
  2. Temporary ID GeneratorFive Digits, a random five-digit number generator
  3. Musica, Lysianthus’s radio

Site Changes

  • I added a new subcategory: ToolsCalculators.
  • I also moved some of my design concepts under scrapped designs. They can be downloadable now as well. I have decided that Design Concepts will mainly be the layout archive of some sort.
  • Affelius has a new microbutton, too!

A former link exchange is now an affiliate! It’s Miria’s Otaku Junk! She’s one of the few people who I actually communicate online a lot with from this community. It’s hard to find them – people from this community – now because so many graphic websites are taking themselves down. Affelius also has new links exchange! Say hello to makin' by Aro!

This Is Why We Fight

I have been dying to post this update for days, but I just couldn’t get out the words for this part of the news update. And I apologize for missing another month! When I do miss a month, some additions included in the set when I post are usually from the month I missed. It’s just that I don’t make enough additions to make the cutoff, so I often end up postponing the update.

I also made my first WordPress theme in a long time. I have been re-exploring WordPress theming lately, and I learned a lot of new things compared to the last time I made a theme. I might have to rewrite my WP theming tutorial, and make more WordPress themes, too. These will be on the next update! On a related note, I’m in the mood for writing some tutorials lately. If you’d like me to write a coding tutorial, just leave a comment and I will try to do it for the next news update.

Lastly, I might be updating and rearchiving some of my older designs. I will be changing some minute details in some of my website templates, especially the older ones (or I might make a new version of them, or take the easy way out and recategorize them under Scrapped Designs). These, too, will be on the next update.

See ya!