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Signpost for the Wrong Road

Miracles happen!

I repeat, miracles happen! There is no hiatus or slowatus. Although I am still in the midst of adjusting to my new “home” and college life, I am doing well. I won’t talk about my private life here, but if you are curious and have an LJ account, I do write about my personal moments on my journal.

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Additions + Updates


  1. True Birds, a poem
  2. Red Kape, a website template
  3. Emo, a website template
  4. Lofte, a personal homepage template
  5. Lette, a clean, minimalistic basic blog theme for WordPress
  6. Prompter, a single-word text prompt generator
  7. Enchanted Box of Destiny, fortune-telling (for fun only!)


  1. Website Name Suggestions, a list of website names
  2. Hello → Metantei, a meta tag generator

Takers: Please review the Terms of Use.


If I compare the quantity of the new additions to last month, this set is not to par. I guess I’m back to my “standard seven” – having at least seven new additions per month. The reason for this is obvious: since school has started, I’m back to being busy again. However, in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to update in August at all! I initially thought I would be very busy with college, that I wouldn’t find time for my favorite hobby. But we made it! And for this I am eternally grateful.

Hopefully, this continues next month!

Lastly, I will give you an applause if you know where I got the subject line! My clue is, “Just put two and two together.”