News and Updates

The Raindrops Are Chocolate and Gumdrops

It hasn’t been long since my last update, but I just cannot wait and I am too happy to be here!

By the way, we have a Facebook page! Every time we update here, an equivalent update is posted there as well (which, in the end, links to the news page). You can keep in tune there if you like. Just… shameless, guys, I know…

Being diligent, are we?

I am actually regularly updating! Well, let’s say my updates at most will come monthly. I will observe that diligently from now on. It isn’t much compared to my last update, but here are the new additions!

  1. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free and reliable web hosts (updated)
  2. Warmth, a wallpaper
  3. Colorize, a wallpaper featuring Hatsune Miku
  4. Untitled, a photograph
  5. Untitled, a photograph
  6. Untitled, a Bungako Shoujo render
  7. Flying Unicorns, a LiveJournal layout inspired by Studio Howells
  8. Assorted, a past design of Aprillism
  9. Superficialicious, a playful, interactive personal homepage template

So to speak, I am quite proud of the designs in this batch. You’ll see more designs soon, I hope!

Being friendly, aren’t we?

Before this was posted, we had a total of five new links exchange! Let’s welcome them to Affelius. They are Heart’s Melody, Innvendo, Mystic Dreams, Starlit Nights, and Sonatina Designs! As a way of pimping, I have also joined listings and rotations. The complete list of the listings and rotations I joined can be seen on Linkage › Listings & Rotations.

Link exchange is always open, but affiliation is closed for now. I recently had a links exchange sweep and removed all dead links. Meanwhile, I also updated changed links. Thank you for your patience.

Project: TheDesignPrompt

Interested in improving your web design skills?

I have been having this idea sitting in my folders for a while now. While I was away renovating Evanessencia and creating Affelius, I designed a project called The Design Prompt. The main point of the project is as reflected by its name. The premise: Every two months, a prompt is published on the website, and interested web designers will design a website layout or template, and the theme must be related to the prompt. The first month will be reserved for the designing and submission of the applications. The next month (or maybe the first two weeks of the second month) is reserved for the nominations. The winners will be determined after the polls finish.

This is still an idea and the project is very incomplete. I posted this here to see if anybody is interested. If anybody shows the slightest bit of interest, I will gladly pursue this project. So, what do you think? Suggestions will be entertained!

ETA on June 4, 2013, Tuesday » I have added a Requests page. All information about requests, including the terms and conditions, request information, and the like, are found there. Also, I added a note on the contact page to read the request page carefully before requesting. I fixed all the broken links included in Random.