News and Updates

This hobby has become a distraction.


It’s almost Christmas! As a form of celebration, Affelius homepage is in winter! Enjoy it while it lasts!



  1. What if you accidentally stepped on your foot?, a barrage of the randomest questions
  2. Plum, a responsive contact form template
  3. Nostalgia, a photography portfolio template
  4. MBTI-Socionics, an MBTI to Socionics (and vice versa) type converter


  1. Creating Contact Forms That Work, a PHP tutorial
  2. Free Yet Reliable, a list of free web hosting providers
  3. Thirst, a design concept → a website template
  4. @font-face, a template for @font-face custom font declarations
  5. Enchanted Box of Destiny, fortune-telling for fun

Huzzah on New Services and New Websites

In my opinion, I noticed that my LiveJournal layouts tend to look better and and look as if I paid more attention to them when making them compared to my website templates – which is true. I decided that I don’t want them to be just available and downloadable as LiveJournal layouts; I want them available as independent website templates, too. (Although you can do that by using the Flexible Squares HTML code and overriding the CSS, the resulting code is very dirty.) Basically, I am allowing requests for LiveJournal Layouts → Website Templates conversion. If you want a specific LJ layout I made to be available to you as a website template, just drop me a request.

And, I think it’s high time again that I do a redesign on Affelius. I haven’t decided on anything yet, but I’ll make the next design responsive. I’m still new to RWD so I’ll take my time. Hopefully, I have enough free time for that. I really like this layout, though, so it might take some time for me to let go of this, too – just like with the previous one. Haha. I think I also need to do some reprogramming, especially for the organization and presentation of the writings.

Before doing that, however, I have been working on some of my new sites set to be launched on December this year: Asclaria (originally Ephevatic), my umbrella network, and Clydoll, my personal domain. Asclaria, since it is an umbrella, will have plenty of sites under it, and maybe Clydoll, too. I am so excited for this personal project! I can’t wait to buy the domains! If you’re curious as to how I’m progressing with them, you can check them out on their temporary testing locations: p/asclaria and p/clydoll. (Or why not just check out p/ for all my ongoing projects.) And maybe, you can tell me what you think!

To those who don’t know yet, perform the KONAMI code on any page on Affelius and see what happens.