News and Updates

When there is light, there is salvation.

So much has happened these past few weeks. I remember promising that I would make my updates come monthly. I did my best, and finally, I was able to accomplish things before the deadline. These aren’t much. Most of the additions in this update is under Writings, but they aren’t any lesser than the graphics and designs, like what I seem to be implying. Writings are important additions as well.

I hope you like this update as much as I do!

  1. Foul, an original poem—funny where I got the inspiration from
  2. Deliverance, an original poem
  3. Mask of the Faceless, an original poem
  4. Freedom, a short poem | can be considered as a reaction poem to Naruto Chapter 635
  5. The Finish Line, an original essay about death / fear of death
  6. Camellia Echarpe, a No. 6 wallpaper
  7. Once Dreamers, a minimalistic and cool-atmosphered template for your blog

I fixed the content of The Snow and the Candle, a short story, which has the wrong content before this update. It came to my notice, too, that the links of entries on writing subcategories—when viewed on a subcategory page with the loop—aren’t the links of the actual entries, but of the subcategory page itself. I already fixed the code for this. Just in case you notice any more errors within the website scope, please inform me so that I can do something about it as soon as I can.

And ta-da! We also have new links exchange! Let’s welcome Rezina of Nubivagant, and Thuy of Haria. A few days after I posted the previous update, we also had a new link exchange: Resplendent Reverie.

Tune in for our update next month!

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