News and Updates

Why is time always of the essence?

The Let me buy you a domain special has ended last July 14! Congratulations to the winner!

New Stuff


  1. Autobiography at 17, a poem
  2. Website Name Suggestions, a list of website names
  3. Clydelius, a design concept for Clydelius, my online portfolio
  4. Gumball, a web hosting website design concept
  5. Sky Tailor, a clean, minimalistic white LiveJournal layout
  6. Upbeat, a simple upbeat website template
  7. Neutrally Excited, a cheerful website template
  8. Text Randy, a random text generator script for your website (no database required)
  9. So you can HTML?, an HTML quiz
  10. Unlockables – Perform keyboard cheats, solve challenges, unlock icons!


  1. The Heartglow Repertoire, a template for a directory or showcase website
  2. Of Wisdom, an abundance of randomly generated quotes for both the wise and foolish [@font-face fix + new content]
  3. Hidden Pages – Find hidden pages on Affelius [new hidden pages + clues!]

Check out a simple PHP script I coded, Text Randy! It allows you to generate random text (by you) on your own website. Also, if you have interesting and inspiring quotes that you want to share, feel free to contact me so I can add it to Of Wisdom! We need your wisdom, too.

I also finally enabled the display of the post date and time of each article. You can see the date and time by hovering on the icon. As for the showcase, you can see the date and time by hovering on the thumbnail. I also finally put up a full-page screenshot of Affelius’s first version: Plain Fabric on Affelius Versions. Also, random page is back~!

Notice: Be careful when accessing Contests or Specials. I changed something back-end. There should be no trailing slash after the name of a contest or special. E.g., Not doing so might lead you to either a 403 or 500 error. Please be guided.

Coding is fun.

For the past couple of days, I have been doing a lot of studying lately about web design and programming. Aside from the basics, I haven’t been introduced formally to these courses. Majority of my stored knowledge about them I learned from view-source and self-learning. This time around, however, I have been reading a number of tutorials. Currently, I am learning OOP on PHP and reading about design theory on the side.

And I still am not sure about what I really want to concentrate more on: web design or programming. I like doing both for fun. I realized that the two do not necessarily need to be separate from each other. That is why I web administration. Affelius is actually run by a CMS that I coded specifically for it [faq]. It’s very efficient especially for the specific structure of my site.

And check this out! Perform the KONAMI code on any Affelius page and see what happens!

Not the Last

Time has come. I will be starting uni next month. I don’t know what will happen. I will keep my fingers crossed that this will not be the end of my additions and updates this year. Hopefully, what happened last year will not repeat this time.

These are all for now!