Let Me Buy You a Domain

Time is up!

Let me buy you a domain has finished!

Congratulations to Ren Tsu for winning
with 150 points

A big thanks to all who joined the special!
Maybe next time* you will get your chance~!

If you’re curious about how the scoring happened, see below.

Have you ever owned a website?
    Yes +10
    No  +30

Have you ever owned a domain?
    Yes +10
    No  +50

Do you know how to code HTML?
    Yes +50
    No  +10

Is this the first time you visited Affelius?
    Yes +10
    No  +20

Maximum Score: 150
Minimum Score: 40

* I’m not sure when the next time will be, but I will be more than thrilled to have another special—or perhaps a contest—for beginning bloggers, graphic or web designers, who want to make a mark on the internet. Perhaps, next time, there will be more TLD options, and also different criteria. Since it will be a contest, participants should be challenged!

Bueno, until then!