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Free Yet Reliable

This is a compilation of web hosts that offer free hosting for subdomains and/or domains. Since most of these hosts are found in the community of amateur bloggers/graphic designers/web designers/web developers, I am sure that they will happilly host your website if you are one as well!

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Choosing a Website Name, and Purchasing a Domain

Website names are important as they represent the identity of a website. People recognize your website through its name. People also remember your website through its name. Just as a person’s name is his or her identity, a website name is the identity of the website.

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Random Questions

What is this?

I compiled 15 sets of questions that were strolling back and forth in my mind. These are questions about any topic, i.e., life, love, ethics, the future, time, et cetera. These questions really make me think. I also became curious about how other people would answer these questions. There is no correct and absolute answer for each question. The correctness of an answer entirely depends on the reader. It is your choice if you want to answer these questions or not, too.

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Looking for a Reliable Host

Know What You Want

Before looking for a web host, you should know what you want for your website. Why are you looking for a web host? Do you want to publish your website online? Or do you just want to “see the fruit of your labor”? Do you just want to see how it looks like once published?

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