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Random Questions

What is this?

I compiled 15 sets of questions that were strolling back and forth in my mind. These are questions about any topic, i.e., life, love, ethics, the future, time, et cetera. These questions really make me think. I also became curious about how other people would answer these questions. There is no correct and absolute answer for each question. The correctness of an answer entirely depends on the reader. It is your choice if you want to answer these questions or not, too.

If you are willing, however, feel free to share your answers by leaving a comment! You need not worry. I will not judge you whatever your answers are. I strongly believe that every one of us is entitled to his or her opinion.

Warning: Children may need parental guidance for some questions.

The Questions: Think about It

01 | Think of the two most important persons in your life. The three of you are in a plane which is about to crash, and there are only two life vests available. One must be worn by you, while the other must be worn by one of the two other persons with you. To whom will you give the remaining life vest? Why?

02 | If you were given the chance to have either a young mind or a young body for eternity, which would you pick? Why?

03 | Which do you think is more important: justice or mercy?

04 | You were only allowed to choose one of two skills: to either write excellently or draw excellently. Which skill would you choose to have? Why?

05 | Would you be willing to kill a murderer if it meant that all worldly problems will be gone? Would you be willing to kill an innocent individual if it meant that all worldly problems will be gone? Would you be willing to kill a close friend if it meant all worldly problems will be gone?

06 | If you knew you’d be dying after two months, how would you live your life from that point?

07 | Which would you prefer to live forever with: someone you could live with or someone you could live without?

08 | Which would you prefer to live forever with: a loyal, steadfast husband or your sexual fantasy?

09 | If you were granted to have one power, what would it be? What if you were punished for all the bad things you’ve done, and were asked to sacrifice one part of your body, what would it be?

10 | Which would you rather be: a deaf person or a blind person?

11 | What is one quality you want all men to have that can make the world a better place?

12 | You are only allowed to have one absolute answer for this set of questions. Which do you think are more important in this world (all animals, including humans, who are also animals): the males or the females? How about in the animal kingdom minus the humans? How about in the human population only? If you answered ‘females’, are you a feminist?

13 | Name something abstract you always wanted to have but couldn’t get. Why is it so unreachable? Do you need to change something in your past to get it, or do you only need to make a decision for the future?

14 | Which is more important in the life of a person: victory or failure? Which of the two should a person experience more? Why?

15 | Are you afraid of death? Or are you afraid of life?