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Cream of the Crop or Crap of the Cream?

I am quite sure that in all Pisay campuses, teachers usually tell us that we are the “cream of the crop,” the “best among the rest,” and that we’re the “most intelligent” students in our generation—in the Philippines, at least. But is it really true that we are?

When first entering Pisay, most of us probably felt pressured at the thought that we are attending a school known for its very intelligent students. Before we studied here, we probably heard of many rumors about how difficult the lessons in this school are. Did our first thoughts about this school materialize? Yes, they did, the definitely did. In our schools before, 8/10 sounds low to us already, but in Pisay campuses, if one gets 8/10, that student is a genius.

When outsiders hear the fact that you study in Pisay, they would most probably compliment the school for its very intelligent students who always win contests. These students even go abroad and represent the Philippines in quiz shows. They win so much; they bring achievements to the school, too. Because of their hard work, they not only bring home the bacon for themselves, but for the school to munch on as well.

BUT, people forget of the other student population. People get blinded by these praises about our school. The truth is, not all students in Pisay always win contests; not all students always bring home the bacon. There is the other population that struggles, too, and because the school had won so much, this population hides behind the compliments the school receives.

With the title of this speech, you know what I’m about to say. Perhaps you’re tired of hearing this over and over again, but it’s clear: “We are indeed the cream of the crop.” Among 90,000 students or probably more, we are the fortunate ones who passed—by luck or skill, it doesn’t matter. Just because we belong to the other student population doesn’t mean we are already the “crap of the cream.” Just like what was written on a certain batch shirt: “Just because we lost doesn’t mean we’re losers; some people are just better than us.” Relatively, just because we’re the “cream of the crop” doesn’t mean we’re the best. There are also other “cream of the crop” that are just better than us. Do not also forget, what Pisay does is enhance our skills. The skills are ours from the start.

So, cream of the crop or not? Believe in yourself, Pisay scholar. You have more to offer than you think.