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Water and Wine


Title: Water and Wine
Rating: T
Category: Justice League
Character(s)/Relationship(s): [Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman), Clark Kent (Superman)]
Genres: AU, Romance, Friendship, Drama, Family

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Title: Blind
Prompt: “blind”
Collection(s): 13drabbles Alpha Theme
Rating: K
Category: Blood+
Character(s)/Relationship(s): [Julia Silverstein, David]
Genres: Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: I do not own Blood+ and its characters.

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Silent noises filled the office, as the lone woman dressed in a carnation pink blouse under a white coat, with a matching short white skirt—very uncharacteristic of her if only the time was a little different—flipped the pages of a white folder in her hands. It was the only sound, really, aside from the occasional sigh which escaped the woman lips. However, that cycle of sighs would soon disappear as she was expecting a cup of tea only a few minutes from now. The flipping was almost rhythmic; it wasn’t the first time she had read over the contents of the folder after all. There wasn’t much else to do, at least for the day. She couldn’t say if it was the workload that lessened or if it was just the newness of things getting to her, but she certainly had noticed that she wasn’t as stressed as she used to be when it came to work. Well, things were different now.

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