Writings Short Stories

A Dress on a Woman

When I opened my eyes, I was on my bed, and it felt dreadfully hot for some reason. I remembered clearly, before I closed my eyes, the air was dry and cold; I had to pull the blanket over my shoulders to keep warm, but this time, my blankets weren’t on me. I must have kicked them off in my sleep. My blankets were on the floor.

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The Snow and the Candle

It was a long cold night. Everything was white. What used to be fertile, grassy green fields were then covered in the pureness of snow. It was the time of the year, after all the leaves of the trees had fallen, when crystals fall from the sky. As magical as these crystals may be, they make the world bleak, and barren.

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Farewell Song

I feel the metal scratch my skin. Every time I move, there is always the sound of something heavy dragging against the floor. My ears hurt. The sounds hurt my ears. My wrists are tied by metal chains. I am naked. In the enclosed space, the stale air kisses my skin, as it has done so for the past few days I have been here. My eyes are closed, but I can see a spark between the closed lids. I straighten my back. I feel my back muscles hurt, but only for a moment, and suddenly, the pain is gone once more, leaving me numb, feeling nothing.

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