Writings Short Stories

The Snow and the Candle

It was a long cold night. Everything was white. What used to be fertile, grassy green fields were then covered in the pureness of snow. It was the time of the year, after all the leaves of the trees had fallen, when crystals fall from the sky. As magical as these crystals may be, they make the world bleak, and barren.

Amidst the wide blinding whiteness, a small light flickered through the window of an old dilapidated cottage. It was from a candle, a small little candle. The fire on the wick continued to burn, warming the old man who was wearing a brown cardigan and black pants. The only things that provided him comfort, albeit little, were the small little candle in front of him and the blanket that enclosed him. He was sitting in front of the candle, his face in his hands.

He was crying. No, he was weeping.

It was a long cold night.

For the old man, the night must be the coldest of all.

The spirit of the candle, concerned about the old man, whispered, “Old man, there is not much time. It will not be long, and I will be gone.”

But the man continued to cry. The spirit’s whisper was unheard.

However, when human ears were not able to hear, the spirit of the snow, while the snow crystals continued to fall from the sky, heard the spirit of the candle’s whisper. The snow spirit approached the window near the candle, understood, and blew through the glass, “He cannot hear you.”

The spirit of the candle looked up to the spirit of the snow, and repeated, “It will not be long and I will be gone, but, here, the old man is weeping.”

The spirit of the snow fell silent, and looked at the old man. The old man was crouching; his face was in an expression of agony; and yet, the small little candle was there before him, warming him and what was left of his consciousness. The old man’s head was facing the ground.

Then, after a few moments, the spirit of the snow nodded, and said to the spirit of the candle, “My friend, I will help you.”

“Thank you,” the spirit of the candle replied.

With a final look at the old man, the spirit of the snow left the candle spirit’s sight. A strong cold wind blew from the outside.

“I will make the night colder.”

~ fin ~